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There are the black things; night a darkness, black holes, abysses, the depth of the ocean, where the light cannot touch. That dark corner of kitchen cupboards I cannot reach, the space under the bed, the black in our eyes. There is stuff in our eyes necessary for sight that trace back to elements found on stars.

The earth is four billion years old, but has its existence become a statistic? Compared to the observable universe we are barely floating particles, dust, trying our best to survive, living onwards. We cannot choose to exist or not, we can only be here. But we do not do it kindly anymore; we now demand results in a relatively short time; we are egoistic and generally selfish, we place ourselves in the middle of a world we each see differently; we have become lazy and greedy, probably numb as well, in this age of convenience and technology. The thing is, we know this is happening to us. We know earth is dying, we know we are ruining it every minute every second that we are existing. We know the ice is melting, we know countries are sinking, we know the bad factories are running, we know the wastelands are growing, we know animals are disappearing, we know the earth is changing, but what are we doing?