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Capefarewell ShortcourseUK

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Jarrod Sim is a London based Singaporean filmmaker and artist; he works primarily with the video medium. Trained as a painter at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore and Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths, Sim has since embedded the moving image into his practice. The exploration of juxtaposing material space with the moving image is an integral part of his current practice. By coupling the 2 dimensional nature of video with the 3 dimensional, Sim is hoping to create new possibilities for viewers to look at the world. Sim has also been active as an art educator, writer, musician and photographer. He is currently pursuing his MA Fine Art in the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

His work, Scape, is an attempt to visually recreate his thoughts and experience of his engagement with different vistas that he was exposed to during the entire course, his work juxtaposes the domestic with the natural to create an unusual landscape that exemplifies the contrast between the two disparate elements.

Capefarewell’s Short Course UK has been an eye-opening and fulfilling experience for Sim. It was an educational journey that has brought him a plethora of knowledge, and has also taken him to places that without which he would have never gone. The biggest takeaway for Sim, is the experience of sailing down the river Thames, and having London presented to him from multiple perspectives.