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Capefarewell ShortcourseUK

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Jina Lee graduated with a MFA in Painting at the Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul and she is currently studying her MA in Mres Arts Practice at Chelsea College of Art. Lee’s practice normally takes in drawings and video installations. Here in Cape farewell exhibition, she is showing her practices on drawings with layered images of fluid and tangled pictures. Her work directs itself towards the liberation of such imprisoned energies at the same time a certain kind of assumed objectivity about the various boundaries of self. She has exhibited her work in various galleries and institutions in Korea as well as in Australia, and most recently has been involved in residencies and workshops in Australia at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation.

‘it is in vain that we say what we see; what we see never resides in what we say. And it is in vain that we attempt to show, by the use of images, metaphors, or similes, what we are saying; the space where they achieve their splendour is not that deployed by our eyes but that defined…

This is not a pipe, Michel Foucault

When Foucault said ‘This is not a pipe’, he meant as separation between linguistic signs and plastic elements. However, here I would interpret it as there is a lot more than what we physically see. In other words, to discuss the theme of infrastructure of an environment, I believe we need to see what is beyond the scene.

After three days along with the Cape Farewell, I have become attracted with an aspect on invisible scenes in London such as London’s Hidden Rivers, Olympic Village beyond displaced local communities and Tilbury Dock’s veiled wastes. And this idea is being shown in a form of accumulated diary-like drawings: freely combined with texts, prints, and esquisses. Overlapped layers of images are entwined and untwined in one picture. Conceptual references are then marked by the practice of archival method as a space for collective memory, which is to represent the current discourses of reflection in relation seeking for minorities in a global terrain.