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Category Archives: Rebecca Hooper

Rebecca’s practice focuses on exploring the effects of human intervention with the natural world. Finding a particular fascination in the interim spaces in a city, the patches of wasteland and self seeded grasslands, the spaces where nature exists and lives between concrete structures, has led her research to question how art practices can be used to contribute towards land reclamation. Rebecca is currently completing an MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

‘Walking is the best way to explore and exploit the city; the changes, shifts, breaks in the cloud helmet, movement of light on water. Drifting purposefully is the recommended mode, tramping asphalted earth in alert reverie, allowing the fiction of an underlying pattern to reveal itself.’ Iain Sinclair.

Since Shortcourse the idea of urban exploration and the journey has become something that I have adopted into my daily life and I find myself wandering the city in search of spaces that have been left derelict, nature reclaiming the land. These tend not to be spaces with buildings but areas of demolition that are yet to be redeveloped. I question what situations of human intervention have resulted in these spaces, whether created purposefully or hangovers of a past industrial age.

A fascination with the materials left in these spaces has led to this work. Everything from disused cranes to shopping trolleys gets discarded, nature then seeming to find a way to camouflage their presence. Fusing living materials and disposed man-made objects collected from industrialised areas creates a dialogue and generates a synergy between the ideas of natural land reclamation and the over-production and waste of man-made objects.