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Category Archives: Ruyi Wong

Ruyi Wong is a Singaporean-born artist and essayist. Her practice takes the form alternative methods of photography, light emulsion, salt printing and cyanotype printing, chemigrams, photograms. Wong find that the rawness of the material and methods would really be useful to experiment her themes and ethos of abstraction. The technique of painting with light sensitive material in the darkroom, with images forming on paper due to light sensitive chemical helps to illuminate things with Wong’s mind and to project their reflection upon other minds. Wong will be experimenting on different mediums, glass, transparencies, tiles and etc which will direct the outcome through a partially intuitive route. Wong research investigates on the subtle process involved in darkroom processes eg “what happens if I deviate from the standard exposure time?” “What happens if I use alternative photopaper?” “Can I print on alternative surfaces?” It is precisely the experimental approach towards image making that Wong aims to develop an open ended practice-led research.