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Capefarewell ShortcourseUK

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My research aims to understand landscapes historically, using the body as context for such investigations. These enquiries evolve as documents or archives for human topographies and question how everyday structures store and translate information about the relationships between design, ecology and landscape.

 This Cape Farewell expedition has for me brought forward concepts that are rooted within environmental activism but do not necessarily deal with the idea specifically. The journey we undertook encouraged a kind of glorification of environment and quickly became a very rich and sensory experience. The three days we spent together remain vivid in my mind, and led to the production of a new work that attempts to understand environment and experience as education.This work discusses industry and its architecture, the ways in which production and design can allude to histories and how objects or experiences of ‘play’ or the sublime can convey such information on a public scale. This research almost parallels my understanding of the role of organizations such as cape farewell that attempt subtle, mass education on pertinent yet delicate matters such as climate change. This work also links to my research into surrogate landscapes intended for canopy dwelling animals in captive environments.